Treasure Island 🏝

Ready to enter the magic world of treasures and pirates?

Ready for a fun adventure the Speakid way? đŸ˜Č

If so...

Here is the vocabulary you need to learn in order to become the scariest pirate navigating the seas ⚓:

- Island

- Treasure

- Sea

- Pirate

- Mermaid

- Ship

- Map

- Compass

Kids imagination plays a very important role in the learning process and while reading fun stories their little brains fill with colourful images and crazy adventures! Here is a great story to listen to with the kids:

Fond of wordsearches? They are also a great way to have a first contact with the English words they are learning:

‱ 1.09MB

For the crafty ones in the house, we have a wonderful activity to do at home and to help them become real pirates:

PDF ‱ 214KB

And for the older kids who fancy doing extra activities and learning extra vocabulary, here is a great online 'matching' activity:

AARRR!! Have a fun adventure!

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