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Parental engagement đŸ€©

In Speakid we believe that it is very important for the parents to be engaged and connected to their child's education and learning process.

For this reason and many others, we have various ways to communicate about our program, our method, the news, etc. For instance, we regularly send newsletters with the latest news, we send emails and call when necessary, we post in our Fun Blog and... the golden egg đŸ„ đŸ„ đŸ„ we have Kidizz!

Kidizz is an app that facilitates our communication with parents. All of our teachers have an account and they weekly share photos and videos to show to the families what happens behind our doors 😎 and have the amazing opportunity to directly receive and see cool photos of their children in class!

May Stonefield, our wonderful pedagogy coordinator 💛, shares every week and every month the activities, crafts and vocabulary that we are supposed to learn in the cycle.

Transparency in terms of methodology and curriculum is very important for us. Our objective is that parents understand and are fully connected to their kid's learning process.

Connected is better!

The Speakid Team

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