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Our final adventure: let's go outside! 🌻🌸🐝

This year we been exploring the entire universe, from the USA 🇺🇸, to outer space 🚀, to treasure island 🏝️.

Our final adventure is turning out to be the best one yet!

For the past two weeks we have been learning all about the outdoors through two themes: camping 🏕️ and nature 🐌🐞


We have learned so many new words!


  • tent

  • backpack

  • bug spray

  • hiking boots

  • compass

  • campfire

  • sleeping bag

  • nature


  • butterfly

  • bugs

  • bird

  • trees

  • leaves

  • waterfall

  • river

  • mountain


And we have done some exciting activities and crafts that you can also do at home! 🎨🎨

As well as some great online activities: 💻


We hope you have as much fun learning about the outdoors as we have!

With love,

The Speakid team <3 <3

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