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Summer time ☀️☀️

Our final week at speakid is going to be our best as we are learning about everyone's favourite season, summer!

This week we will learn many new words:

  • beach

  • sun

  • beach ball

  • barbecue

  • flip flops

  • sun glasses

  • ice cream

  • ice lolly


We have many fun summer activities that you can do online with your children 😎

Here at Speakid we love the British council as they have provide many games, songs and activities on their website.

This activity is great for practicing reading comprehension as well as the colours.

The British council have activities for older children as well: this activity will encourage your children to practice the vocabulary that we have seen in class.

Cambridge English is one of the most highly regarded ways of learning English and is a method that we will be introducing into our classes next year. This activity is made specifically for children with a beginners level of English and will help improve all aspects of learning.

Stay tuned for more information about Cambridge English at Speakid 2020-2021.

With love 💚

The speakid team

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