I can see a rainbow 🌈🌈

At Speakid we know how important it is to consistently review the basics.

This is why our objective for the next few weeks is to practice the colours.


Colours are one of the first topics that children master as they are so easy to practice!

One of our favourite ways to teach the colours is with different fruits and vegetables.


Of course, we use toys, but at home you can use actual food. We encourage you to take a few minutes whilst having meals and snacks to ask your children what colours the different foods are.

Everyday at Speakid we spend 5-10 minutes on an active colouring worksheet, which helps children to match the colours in their written form to the actual colour they see.🎹

Here is an example of one of our more basic active colouring worksheets 🌈🌈

Download PDF ‱ 86KB

Our favourite way to teach colours is, of course, through songs! đŸŽ¶đŸŽ”đŸŽ¶

There are so many amazing songs that will help your children practice the colours but my number one is 'sing a rainbow' 🌈🌈

Here is the link so you can sing along at home:


From everyone here at Speakid, we hope you have an amazing, colourful day!

With love,

The Speakid team


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