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Happy Summer New York!

Hello everyone ! We hope you all had a great summer vacation!

Last week, we had our Summer in New York stage. It’s our final stage before the new school year starts. 😊

So, here’s a recap of what happened in our trip to New York!

First Day, going to the Statue of Liberty!

The kids enjoyed making their own version of the famous Statue of Liberty in the morning and in the afternoon they had fun making the New York City Skyline. they also learned the vocabulary words and song of the week.

The second day was a great day to go tour the big apple riding the famous yellow cab in the morning and making the big apple with cardboard and yarn in the afternoon.

The last day was all about having a feast as we created picnic baskets to take to our picnic in Central Park in the morning and to take home as a souvenir we made NYC shirts in the afternoon


On the last day of the stage, all the kids got their diplomas too ! 😊

We really had a great time during our trip to New York ! See you all again on our next adventure !

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