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Back to school fun!

Can you believe it’s already September ? Awhile back we were all at the beach getting a tan and now we’re going back to school!

Well, as the little ones go back to school and learn new things, it’s also good if they can practice what they already know from the previous year. 😊

Here’s a little fun activity you can do at home to practice some English conversation with your kids.

Practice the kids to introduce and share something about themselves in English through these worksheets. If the kids are younger and can’t write yet, NO WORRIES because they can draw and color their answers. You can practice the whole sentence, the phrase or even just the words. It really depends on the kids. 😊

One thing we're sure of is that you and your kids will have a great time with these back to school introduction worksheets. Here we have two for you to use! 😊 Have fun!


Speakid team

back to school worksheet
Download PDF • 204KB

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