Learning all about FOOD 😋

This week's topic in our Speakid online classes is 'food'

We are learning words like:

- supermarket

- basket

- vegetables đŸ„ŠđŸ†đŸ„•

- fruit đŸ’đŸŠđŸ„„đŸ„đŸŽ

- meat đŸ„©

- shopping list

- bread 🍞

- pizza 🍕

Here are a couple of fun activities that you can do at home with your kids:

- This is a cool activity to review the new vocabulary and colours at the same time

PDF ‱ 806KB

- This are two cool online activities in case you don't have a printer at home:

1) For our TODS and KIDS


2) For advanced students, JUNIORS and TEENs https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/word-games/fruit-2

Finally, if you feel like singing, why don't you try practising this great song:


Remember to check your Kidizz app everyday! This week we posted many videos, one of them with our amazing Amanda singing and playing on the ukelele the weekly song đŸ€©

Enjoy the fun and stay positive 💛🌈

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